Saturday, September 23, 2006

Wiener Shnitzel (Miscellaneous)

Wiener Shnitzel. I finally know what this means. Wiener - of Vienna. Shnitzel - a tenderized, (pulverized), breaded pork chop. Dee-lish. And very un-Islamic.

Anyway, on to cruel irony. A very disquieting irony emerged on OUR side of the iron curtain. In Vienna and Berlin I found monuments to the Red Army. Monuments to the "liberator". This was by far the largest and most guilded. Now, I have no problem with a nation honoring its war-dead. Especially the losing side. The Yasukuni shrine in Japan, Confederate memorials in every single Southern town. I think its necessary - to PREVENT revival of that which was rightly defeated. But here we have a different animal. The sacrifice of the Red Army indeed drove the Nazis out, but it was Churchill and Roosevelt that LIBERATED them at Yalta, whilst consigning their neighbors to Soviet penury and Stalinite TERROR, starvation and death. How this could have escaped the very FORTUNATE denizens of Berlin and Vienna (and presumably others), escapes me.

My own wish is that we'd unleashed a secret weapon we had called "George S Patton" on the ragtag Red Army (which we'd been supplying), and not cynically consigned central Europe to the worst experiment in the history of human life on this planet, but that would have set a different and unpredictable chain of events in motion. Not the least of which would be the cheerleading and sanctimony of our modern left regarding the "premature demise of a great and noble enterprise." Oh wait, that happened anyway . . . .

What most don't know is that was Stalin's plan for us (as early as 1938). To allow Hitler to wreck the West, while maintaining neutrality or splitting the spoils as with Poland, and the Red Army would sweep in and ultimately "liberate" the rest.

Also, at Yalta, it was understood that newly liberated nations would have elections. Haha. Where they occurred, Stalin's monkeys won Saddam-like elections, to the astonishment of many self-deluded liberals. Many of whom are still deluded, astonishingly.

This is a preserved remnant of Vienna's famous walls. Where the walls that ringed Vienna once stood, is now a street, named "Ringstrasse".

Here's the etching on the wall remnant, with important dates and terms that need no translation: "Turken Belagerung 1526-1680", "1683 Wien vor den Turken".

I found this graffitti on a park wall near my hotel. (I suspect these nimrods may be in league with the defacers of other American monuments, but I can't prove it).

Easy, meaningless sentiment; and symptomatic. Its in English, oddly, but it still requires translation.

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