Monday, September 04, 2006

Night Out

My Reunion with Guinness. Sweet indeed. Here's some of the locals. From Right to left: John, (English expat banker in Frankfurt), Joe, (Irish expat banker in Frankfurt), Martin Hind, (Scottish Resident scholar and pub intellectual), and Un-named, (ubiquitous English drinking fellow). Martin I'd met last trip. He's a gentleman and a scholar, with an unbelievable memory capacity - who can name all fifty state birds, mottos, and nicknames - for starters. Only this time he was hosting trivia instead of participating on our team. We lost by two points, in the end.

John took the camera so I could jump in. It was a good "Craic" as the Irish would say. That is, a Crack-ing good time! Many Guinness disappeared.

Sheisse! What I would give for one now!


On the way home we found these Cardinal Ratzinger placards, either celebrating his election to Pope Benedict XVI, or welcoming an upcoming visit from him. These were the dumbest faces we could make, (in no way meant to disrepect Il Papa, and the joy faithful Germans feel at having their first Pope). But after about 16 Guinni -the correct plural form of "Guinness"- everything's funny.

John, not particularly religious, feels the faith too.

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Romey said...

Love your blog!!!

You make us all very proud...I know this is late, but, Congrats. on
promotion. Great comments, in particular the one about MECCA shoving
up it's ass. :)