Monday, September 25, 2006


Aye. It's 2AM and I'm finished. At last. That was the last one from my R&R. For thse who haven't been tuning in recently, you may have to go back and search the archives. I've been blogging up a storm - which means most of these posts have scrolled quickly into the archives, (in less than a week). I think the maximum your browser will display is usually ten posts (the most recent additions) - and I've done about 24 in ten days, so if you've been gone awhile - start digging.

Now hopefully, I can resume photo-blogging Baghdad.

All the Best,


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David Russell said...

Bro Mastin!

Well docuumented R & R trip. Loved the historical photo's. Especially the old Berlin Wall shots. Yes, thanks to the Gipper, the wall is gone and the Cold War now is gone, but certainly has been replaced by a HOT War for real.

Wanda & your "Old Man" spent the weekend with us this past. We did a toast to you!

Our CMCC annual "Rendezvous" Trip is coming up soon. Wish you could attend this year, but we will Hold you to coming Next year for sure.

Keep your head down, and your powder DRY!

Best Regards!

David Russell