Saturday, September 23, 2006


Not yet replaced by mosques. Churches. Grand churches. This is St Stephen's. Ground Zero for Vienna, stading since . . . I'm not sure, but it was the center of town back in the ancient mock-ups in the museum. This place is still an active Catholic church, and is simply humbling inside, where an air of reverance and quietude prevails.

Here is her roof and towering spire. You can just make out the double-headed eagles - symbol of the Austrian state - tiled in mosaic on the roof.

Here in closer relief, along with her structure and buttresses and a statue of what must be St. Stephen.

This is another church. (I will have to research it and update/edit this post - I don't have the name.)

And here is her roof and buttresses . . . Stunning.

I also took the elevator (installed for renovationist work along with at least ten stories of scaffolding) inside Karskirche (Karl's "kirk" - or church). An unrivalled example of Baroque architecture and beauty. The frescoes inside approach the beauty and majesty of the Sistine Chapel, surely - though I've never been.

Alas, again, I evidently took no pictures. Must have been entranced. (or shaking in my boots from the height).

This is a crucifix on a wall (the same wall as the graffitti in the previous post, which runs for a good distance) near my hotel. Glad to see HE's still here.

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