Saturday, September 02, 2006

Cliff's Re-enlistment (JULY 14th)

MAJ Pacheco (Major Mike "Greene") reads the oath for SGT Phipps to repeat. SSGs Macdonald and Bacon hold the flag.

This ceremony took place at the "crossed swords", the place Saddam had made to commemorate his "victory" in the Iran-Iraq war, and for general Martial purposes like grandstanding and malingering with his Baathist co-asshats. Note the giant light-stands, the likes of which I've never seen, in the background. These could light up the night, I'm sure, if they only had power.

Froma a different angle: This shows the columned arc leading away from the grandstands, where dignitaries could walk amongst the memorials. Regular folks were kept at a great distance from these events, not readily apparent in these pictures.

Cliff making a goofy face after all is said and done. Now that he'd re-enlisted, he said he'd be going to Disneyland.

There are two sets of crossed swords at either end of the grand parade-route. This is the one nearest us, the stone waves evoke a hand reaching up from the water, and the small shapes you see are captured Iranian helmets, anchored in the cement, to be stepped upon and driven over, (more in the next post).

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