Friday, September 22, 2006

Wien, (Vienna)

Franz Josef Square: Forgive the historical ignorance of this and many other posts. I simply didn't have the time to learn all the essentials. There was TOO MUCH history. Time permitting, I can edit these posts later and include all the pertinent and vital info. Perhaps with links.

Franz Josef square is surrounded on all sides by the palaces of the Austrian court, which are now various museums. It was simply the richest I've seen. The detail goes too deep. Any pictures inside these palaces would have done their subjects a disservice. The least conspicuous wood and marble-work inside was more elegant and graceful than the most ostentatious I've seen elsewhere, particularly in the "Polished Turds" Saddam built. That's Class. Only "accessible" to those that appreciate it.

I snatched a photo of the statue previous, because the hero (Franz Josef?) is trampling over an Islamic (Turkish) standard bearer, and here's the close-up. How is it that this statue hasn't been torn down and replaced by a "Crescent of Friendship?" OPEC's in Vienna, after all. Mystifying . . . AND EDIFYING!!! I suggest here is where we should have our Western Resistance Meetings.

So nothings in dispute, here's the muslim and Turkish standard, being bounced out of Europe - for four centuries. This was as far as they made it in the east . . . until now. If anyone's curious what Austria would look like if they'd succeeded, see Bosnia.

The front of one of the Palaces, from the view of the Turkish standard bearer.

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