Saturday, September 16, 2006


At the top of the hill/castle complex, in the center, stood what I have to imagine are the ruins of the old castle. Lying here in this state for I don't know how long. Good news! Archaeology is under way, excavating/cataloging everything they find. One must imagine that this will all be part of some exhibit or museum or perhaps they intend to restore it to its former glory, and then put the museum inside.

On the riverside, well up from the first or outer walls, yet down below the tourist area, these guys are hard at work. This is an excavation.

This is a closer view, about 20 yards down the ramparts. This work is taking place all over the walls, in teams of 5-10 laborers. They excavate in sections, and haul everything out by wheelbarrow.

Here's a lateral view. You can see a few gangplanks here for every other team to use to wheelbarrow the stuff out, and at the very end a red shack.

The red shack: This is where the girls sort and clean all the pieces they find. Looks like mostly bricks. Digging for Indian pottery in South Carolina - I know exactly what this is like. The real work starts when you have to catalog and group these pieces.

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