Friday, September 15, 2006

Top of the Hill

This is the cathedral at the top of the hill, whose spires are vible in the first picture of Prague looking across the bridge. And this is as far as you can step away from it in order to take a picture. This church, some military buildings, court buildings and such (now mostly museums), are cozily bunched together on the hill behind walls that would have formed Prague's last redoubt, presumably, although I haven't done my homework on that.

This is a close-up of the "gargoyle" on the left. A man dressed in period costume.

And this is the one on the right, a woman. They both would appear to vomit water when its raining. And I've just never seen this before. Nothing like it, and certainly not on a church. There must be some intriguing history behind this style I need to research.

A few blocks away, on the hill, the cloistered streets open up to this magnificent courtyard with more statuary and significant dates, but where I apparently took few pictures. I took videos instead. And while those are great, I can't upload them.

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