Saturday, September 16, 2006

Statue Park

Moving on from the "cemetary", a good ways further outside of town -AND THAT AIN'T NO ACCIDENT - is "Statue Park", where they put all these horrible 20-th century mistakes out to rust - for all centuries to come. I took many pictures, multiple ones of everything in the park, and there were many. I decided on these five as emblematic of what fare was found within the Park's walls. If I were to include them all, it'd run about 4 more pages - and here, at this point, I'm only half-way through my R&R pictures. So this'll have to suffice.
There's old butter-nuts himself, urging on the "worker-soldier vanguard" to throw out the baby with the bathwater. This is one of the first that greet you as you enter the park, and its large. Its difficult to tell from this photo, but the shiny ones are metallic sodered cutouts, while the dark grey ones are solid bronze (or tin - in the cases of communists). Why the difference? I'm not sure. It looks like to me the original piece probably contained all bronze statues, and the tin ones are replacements to help the viewer capture the ful scope of the piece. As to what happened to the original piece, I'd have to guess. Perhaps the people conscripted to compose the "worker-soldier-vanguard" for over 50 years dropped the statue while moving it . . . 60 or 70 times.

These works come from all over Hungary, and the process is repeated in all the former Soviet prison-states. None of these towns, cities and villages - scattered all over the countryside - wanted to keep their piece of Soviet Realism-crap. They all sent them here, that much was explained in English.

Why would that be, Mr. Stalin? Why, Mr. Lenin, (You summ'bitch)!?

This was a monstrosity, over 30 feet high. A Budapester would have to tell you where it was originally perched. I don't think the Commies had Gay Pride Parades, but this fella's feeling fabulo-obvious! Fab to be free of the yoke of Capitalist-pig oppression, war-mongering and yankee imperialism!

(At the Communist Museum in Prague they had these post-cards, I bought a bundle. My Favorite one said, "The Communist Museum. We're right across from Benetton, upstairs from McDonald's. VIVA LA IMPERIALISM, BABY!")

This one was particular for its drab, irreducibly soviet, dull, coercive, anti-individualist, pedestrian lack of beauty that defines the Commies. This one assaults you if you look an inch deeper.

There were others like it. This one may have been in a train-station, on a street corner - wherever - reminding the trod-upon that the revolution trods on. Which has at least two implications. 1) The Revolution's uniformity of purpose: Get back in line, ant, and we will eventually make the world as miserable as we are, and 2) This is the army that will march over you if you can't "win the battle against yourself" in Orwell's phrasing. As if A) Hungarians invited in communist rule, (or spontaneously became communists), or B) they had a choice.

What Statue Garden is complete without this ass-hat? I have always wanted one, and fear most will be melted before I can get my hands on an authentic piece. I will have one one day. He will stand in a recessed pit, like a box, or cage in a gulag where so many millions wound up beacuse of this no-account, slippery, soul-less slut. This inhuman, heartless whore.

Also I'm a southern male. And we piss outside. You do the math.

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