Saturday, September 09, 2006

King Wencelas' Square

Good King Wencelas. I don't know the particulars about this King, but will endeavor to find out. This is the Czech "Times Square", where every revolution, political event of any import, celebration of a national nature has occurred, (and will occur).


The Czech Parliament, which is situated directly behind King Wencelas.

Statues of ?? - I'll have to find out. Impressive, and the center of the buzz downtown, where horse-drawn carriages and tour guides whirl tourists around the "Old town". This plaza is full of expansive sidewalk cafes and festivity, and is guarded over by the clock tower in the next picture.

Visitors can pay a fee and go up in this tower for a spectacular view of Prague. (Sadly, I didn't have time - it was getting late and there was Guinness to be drunk.)

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