Sunday, September 24, 2006


For about 100 bucks, with tax, this is what you get in East Berlin. This hotel was formerly an elementary school, and the shape and environs were preserved intact. The block and neighborhood this hotel was in was interspersed with new businesses and hotels and a mall. Mixed in with this were condemned buildings and apartment blocks that had one or two die-hard tenants that refused the Gov. buyout and move. Over time, these will fold and developers will transform the former Soviet eyesores into attractive improvements like this one.

This is the bed, and the bathroom - visible through the glass.

The bathroom, (the other side). These fixtures and accomodations are all modern and new.

Desk, or writing table. (You can smell the newness, yes?)

The room number, reminiscent of Star Trek. Or perhaps a mocking look back at something more sinister.

This was the art work on the walls in the hallway, (there were many more) evoking the graffitti on "thee wall."

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