Friday, September 15, 2006


Striking up the cliff-face (virtually), right behind my hotel on the Buda side of the river, sits the castle, environs and this cathedral. On the right-hand side is an elborate raised promenade overlooking the river and city. Its built in the old style, (perhaps a re-creation), but its of modern concrete construction, (and charges a fee to walk it).

Here's that cathedral, at its foot. It is undergoing a very expensive, very thorough restoration that is about 75% complete.

That restoration includes these original ceramic tiles on the roof, arrayed as they were - a very Hungarian touch.

This is the view down the very steep hill to my hotel, on the left, in the alleyway. Just down the alleyway from me was a Belgian-alley themed restaurant and alehouse. "Pater Marcus" if memory serves. Apparently its a franchise of some 4-6 restaurants in Europe. The beers were varied and outstanding - but the food! Good Lord! Most of it was abbey-monk made! Cheeses, cured meats and hams - I don't know that I ate better during the whole trip - and I had some fantastic meals!

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