Friday, September 08, 2006

The Streets of Prague

These are the sidewalks you walk on. (My Asics sneaks, stars of this blog, make a reappearance). In Prague, its the little things you notice; a richness in detail; a refinement that spirals inward, drawing you nearer and more curious at each level - the deeper you look.

Or at least it did me! . . . Stop laughing! There's 2,000 years of uninterrupted history, deliberate refinement and ART in these streets. You'll see what I'm talking about in the pics to come!

This is a view up the sidewalk near my hotel, well outside the city center. Stop and think about the work involved in building a patterned sidewalk out of little, 2" x 2" square stones, let alone their upkeep!

So you never laid a brick patio before? Deggie knows what I'm talking about. . .

This is a view up that same street.

. . . . And down it. Note how the cobblestones that compose the street itself are arrayed in overlapping, ascending arches. This serves several purposes that I can think of - but again - what city bothers with this stuff! (2 miles outside the "historical district." ) Prague is an art display! A history museum! Look at the irregular and mishappen stones themselves, among the newer-looking refurbishments. How old do you suppose the oldest ones are?

Same street, (same dead-horse being flogged).

Rainbow Row, eat your heart out! (Charleston, SC's famous, colorful, battery-side promenade - for the uninitiated).

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