Sunday, September 03, 2006


This is the view of one side of the River looking south (?) You can see the spire of the Frankfurt Dom, or "dome" which stood in some form since the 10th century. We bombed the roof off it, along with everything else in Frankfurt circa 1945, and it was rebuilt to its former glory after the war.

(The shnazzy, stylish Polo tee is courtesy of Engie.)

Here you can see the other bank, with its equally inviting promenade, full of blonde, German amazons on roller-blades. Here I am closing my eyes and meditating on the Prophet Muhammed, to avoid any un-Islamic thoughts.

This is Joe Mernagh, most famous sometime resident of Kanaya-cho, Shizuoka-ken. This is the view north from the same bridge, and you can see some of the buildings that make Frankfurt the European Banking Capitol.

Joe - known to some as


"Sleepy Joe"(cause he passes out in pubs),

"the Fluffy Roy Keane" (cause he's got fluffy, boy-band hair and dainty little ballerina feet which usually allows him to nudge a few by the keeper),

"the Strawberry that shouldn't" (maybe when you're older I'll tell you that one),

and other monikers known only to the tribesmen of upper Tibet - relaxes in front of the city he's conquered. Joe's recently been promoted - TWICE! The first one he earned, the second one was a liile early - a front-office mistake - which STUCK! He's moving to London now and into the Jet-set. We'll miss him back here in "reality".

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