Sunday, September 03, 2006


My feet on German Soil. Had to photograph 'em. Had to leave the airport, before gettin' a taxi and just breathe the cool, moist, unpolluted air of civilization.

I musta spent a good 45 minutes here, just taking it all in.

Signs of a new Germany? Jurgen Klinsman took the host team all the way to the semis, and German flags were suddenly and unabashedly everywhere. Its about time . . .

This ad was for a Korean electronics company, reminding me what an interconnected world we all live in now.

Nobody knew what I was talking about! This is the grassy lane on either side of the river, (it was MUCH grassier before the world cup throngs trampled it). And THIS is the little kebab boat, selling drinks and food up and down the river to folks strolling by, or picnic-ing.

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