Friday, September 08, 2006

Museum of Communism

Fellows like this Distinguished Gentleman have replaced those of Lenin, Marx and Stalin. (Wonder why, in a country so far from Britain?) This one happens to be in "Churchill Park", happily a short jaunt from my hotel. I'd LOVE to know what it was formerly, "Blood of the Martyr's Marching Forward to the Inevitable Worker's Triumph Guided by the Spirit of Comrade Lenin Square", perhaps?

Cue the "Death Star" theme from Star Wars: "Dum Dum Dum Dumdaddum DumdaDUMB!" (or a Socialist Worker's anthem in any Slavic language, if you prefer). This is a recreated workspace typical of the period.

AND LOOK AT THIS! posted by the time-cards: "Timely Arrival to Work Deals the Decisive Strike Against the American Aggressors."

This is one of my favs. An actual Olympic propaganda poster. Note the healthy Aryan socialistworkerathletemartyrherovanguard, with a token black man and Asian thrown in, to connote world-wide revolution. Look how stereotypical the caricatures of those two are, despite the artists best artistic intentions (worst ideological intentions). I'd wager they'd never met a black or Asian man and had to base it on the last remaining copy of "Little Black Sambo" in the Soviet sphere. (just look at those two!) What these other healthy specimens must have looked like to a starving population . . . How did that escape the censors notice? ( . . . dumb question, for an historical calamity of the magnitude of communism.)

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