Sunday, September 03, 2006

The Crossed Swords

The hand holding the sword.

DETAIL: These hands were modelled on Saddam's own, we're told. The chain attached links to the next picture.

Behind the hands: Here's the idea; attached to each is this netting that evokes a fishing trawl. Spilling out of this cornucopia are hundreds of Iranian helmets, (fixed in cement).

Up Close: You can see the hodge-podge of different styles, (looks like WWII British and American mostly, plus some others I've never encountered - assuming these are in fact "Iranian helmets".) In any case, the GI's in '03 made them forever theirs, (read the graffitti).

This is in the road - to be driven and marched over. Showing someone the bottom of your feet is a supreme insult in arab culture, and this is surely the purpose. Most of the helmets have caved in/worn away. And you can see the reinforcing re-bar within them.

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