Monday, September 25, 2006

Joe's Apartment

This is Sweizer Strasse (Swiss Street) in Frankfurt, which Joe's apartment (now formerly Joe's apartment) fronts. This is the view from his front balcony looking left.

Front View. One of the many little sidewalk cafes in Frankfurt. This one's called the "Taj Mahal", an Indian/Italian culinary fusion run by a friendly immigrant family from India. We ate here a couple of times. They've got a great Chicken curry Pizza. Ah, what I would give now . . . Indian and Italian - how long has the world waited for that !?

This is the view looking right. More cafes, bars, commerce. Lithe, platinum Blond, 6 ft. German Amazons are frequently seen strolling, shopping, cavorting on Sweisser Strasse.

There's a tram, an underground, "public" bicycles that are remotely unlocked via cellphone. A River walk, music, and beer. Breezy walks, warm sunshine, cool breezes. Peace. All very swell. All not to be seen in Baghdad for at least another thousand years.

This is Joe's back balcony, much more accomodating - about 25' by 10' - that opens to the sunshine. This is the courtyard behind in which there's a small primary, or pre-school, where "kinders" are regularly heard laughing or playing out in the courtyard.

This is the rest of the back-patio. Great for hangover-recovery.

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