Monday, September 18, 2006

Budapest By Night

Aha! I learned the delayed shutter function of my camera, in Budapest! What a break . . .

And also how to balance the thing on a wall or mailbox, (or some obstacle) to burn the requisite exposure time for an exquisite beauty like this one. And all that with a good "buzz" goin'! Pub-crawling as I went. This is the bridge upriver from my hotel that I'd just walked across, coming back from the Pest side, (the Park, the Heroes Square, and the Magnificent mile of Embassies - sorry, no pictures).

This is the Bridge just downriver from my hotel (about a block) - featured in other day-time photographs.

This is a beautifully illuminated church on the way back to my hotel.

And this may be the masterpiece of the tour. Capturing the moon playing coy behind the clouds, appearing to illuminate the Magnificent Hungarian Parliament building across the River.

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c said...

Looks similar to Kiev. I spent six days there while in Europe catching some World Cup excitement. The museums in Rotterdam were sublime and the vibe of Dusseldorf was jubilant.

Yes, Kozak's still in Japan. Take it easy.