Thursday, February 01, 2007


Howdy Folks.

I was informed on Monday that I will be moving, along with one other soldier from my unit. Somehwere else here in Baghdad province, but out into the "suburbs". HA! As if there were any we'd recognize. I won't be too far from home, but I will be serving the remainder of my time here outside the IZ, and my comfortable abode.

With ten months served, and two to go, that went over like a turd in my coffee. But it is what it is. And who knows? We could always get extended!!!! Yaaayyyyy! Dump some ice cold water on me while I'm sleep-walking through my last 1/6 of tour. (Just as the NYT and the WSJ are to embed with the PRT. seriously. Beginning next week).

So be it. But I'm short on information for you. Where I'll be exactly. What I'll be doing. What will my living arrangements be like? All unknown at this point. But tomorrow we leave, and I'll get back on this blog just as soon as I can. In the unlikely event that where I'm going doesn't have any connectivity, this will be adieu . . . till I can get on somewhere.

Stay tuned . . .

And as for the previous post - What I forgot to "distill" - and thanks for reminding me "Thomas" - is the following. This war is awful, now. But try and contrast that with how bad things could get. How awful things might be along those funny contours and imaginary boundaries between Islam and the rest of the world. At the very least, we are drawing them here like flypaper. Good, old, reliable Arab pride being used strategically. (Ahhhhhhhhhhh). Now see what you can come up with: (taking fullest strategic advantage of cultural distinctions.)