Saturday, December 16, 2006

What I Do

First off, here's lovely picture of the morn'. (Smell not included). Sunsets/sunrises are pretty enough here, and the weather's downright chilly when we step out - as in this photo. But the smell of Baghdad - a whiff of burning rubber mixed with eau de overflowing septic tank - Yeesh! Kicks you right in the face.
NEW IN LINKS: I've switched over to beta, (upgrade - and easier for me to use), and I'm still getting back all my old customizations - like the "Clustrmap" which shows where everybody is. (Not yet reclaimed). One thing at a time, please bear with me. For now - I've created a new link to a public website - the Post Gazette - which reprinted Greg Jaffe's WSJ story. Please read.

For those curious about what I do - this comprises about 60% of it - attending District Council Meetings like this one recently.

Lively. This is Town-Hall democracy in action. Minus the action and accountability - but they're learning, (to do more than complain).

Not sure how much info I can/should include. This is sensitive. Where I go, who I meet with, and when. I'd love to tell you all the intriguing details, but I wouldn't like Johnny Jihadi to know.


skinnylittleblonde said...

Of course i'd love to hear all the stuff that you can't talk about...CYA, my dear. It's hard to beleive that it is downright chilly with those beautiful palm trees in the background.

Kentucky Brat said...

no.. we don't need to know anything that could/would put you or anyone else in danger.

I'm glad to hear they are learning. Wonder if they give classes here in the states? Maybe I would go, the "I'm to small, their to big" syndrome. ;)

I don't understand most of it, and I damn sure don't know how to help.

I'll take suggestions tho!