Monday, December 11, 2006

Econ Confab

This is a peek at the kind of stuff we do. This is what has become a regular meeting for the Econ guys and the Econ. Committee Chairmen of District Government. We're selling "micro-finance", and they're buying. That is to say, the idea of us giving money to individual Iraqis via the loan officer of their choosing - for small business ideas, is popular with the recipients. Microfinance shows great promise, and we're expecting nothing less here. (In many other countries where its been tried - its the access to cash for women's business ideas; small seamstress shops, and tailories) that are transforming whole economies from the ground up.
The distinguished panel and speaker.
From another angle.
Myself and Jabar Duleimi, former Chairman of Mansour District Council, (now Vice-Chair), and friend.

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