Monday, December 11, 2006

Pappa Daddy P

Pappa Daddy P is now Peerless Emperor of the Econ Section. Here he sits in one of his characteristic poses.
. . . And limbered up - ready to discuss the merits of micro-finance, top-shelf cigars, New Hampshire, subversive liberals, the time he crashed into Ringo Starr in Charles DeGaulle Airport, how my humidor needs regular maintenance, or how retaaaded your accent sounds.
MSG. A little flava. MSG Garcia. These guys all round out the Econ Section. Not Pictured are the ones who go home at the appropriate hour. These night-owls all stick around as I do. More productive after 1PM than before it, (perhaps), like me.
Jack Zacharia. The Legend. Jack's the scion of a very successful, Christian Iraqi Business Family. He knows absolutely everything, (or he makes it up).
The ever camera-shy MAJ Lawson. New to our team. We breakfast together regularly.

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