Monday, December 11, 2006


SGT Barini, or "Barney" as we call him, after an illiterate SPC mispronounced his name back at Bragg when we were in some line for some kind of shot. Barney's head hit the floor, cause he knew Clifford Phipps heard it - from the wails of laughter that belong to Cliff alone. That's the kicker with nick-names. Barney's our token Fijian, who supports the coup there. He's also the only one I can talk Rugby too, and for the guys back in "the ATL". - he knows Sidi! (small Island).
Prosperity's a camp here in the IZ where we go to get the real work and upgrades done to our trucks. This is one of the innumerable palaces that got acquainted with the JDAM munition on the night of "Shock and Awe."

A pity, because as I've learned - they'll all have to be demolished. You can't plaster the cracks and hang new "Blood of the Martyrs of American Aggression" drapes on an Arab-built stone and concrete monolith after its foundation's been cracked and the door's blown off by the Air-Force.

But make no mistake - if we leave without demolishing them - they'll be standing ten years hence with squatters and vegetable markets in them.

THE DESERT ZAMBONI. We found this one in another lot near us, and had to preserve the wit for all posterity. (see below).
Desert Zamboni. I love all that that connotes.

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