Monday, December 11, 2006


Go to Pappa Daddy P's blogsite, ("Major Mike"). His pictures are way better then mine. I took mostly video, which I can't post. It was, by the way, SPECTACULAR.

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Anonymous said...


You scored a quote in an article on the front-page of this morning's WSJ.

Sgt. Greene quote:

"I would say we're an effective force for good, but we're struggling in a sea of meaningless slaughter -- along with everyone else with a job to do here," says Sgt. Mastin Greene, who serves on a reconstruction team in Baghdad.

For those with a WSJ subscritpion, here's the link to the full article:

Godspeed as you pursue your responsibilities of "great challenge and historic consequence(kudos to Rumsfeld)." You're in my family's thoughts as well as everyone else I introduced to your blog.

Best regards,

Mark in Houston