Monday, December 11, 2006


Sometimes our work requires a little more than is required. In "making things happen," often a little extra is required, such as when one of our new terps comes in well-ahead of anyone being able to receive him. He has to sleep at the office, and therefore SGT Morris and CPT Olsen do too. It's nobody's fault - just the nature of the biz, and the nature of this environment - as if it needed saying. Problems arise when someone in the "making things happen" chain doesn't go beyond the call of duty, and takes their lard-ass home without helping you. Its generally a collaborative effort, with bloated bureaucrats, State Dept. wienies, Military dunderlings, and contractors helping each other out. It all comes back to you. But rare is the day that you don't meet someone that doesn't belong here, doesn't belong outside their pool-hall lounge-act back home, much less a warzone in Iraq.
Here's CPT "O-Town" on a cot watching a lap-top movie shortly after quittin' time - at the office.

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