Friday, October 06, 2006

The Palace

This is a panorama of the front of the Palace. I found these and all the pictures to follow at Regular readers will recall this "Promotion Ceremony" venue.

Chopper's eye view. This is looking East across the Palace (now US Embassy) grounds. We live right behind it, sandwiched between this monstrosity and the Tigris.

And like so much at "Iraq Insider", I found pictures that answered lingering questions in my mind. This is a view of the back side. If you stood here taking this photo, you'd be about 100 feet from my hooch. I walk by this area several times a day. There is scaffolding covering it now, and restoration work has been ongoing since I got here. - The Story I was told - was that this was Saddam's personal apartment in this palace (he frequented this one, the "Presidential Palace" most often). And that the night of his impromptu departure - a mysterious fire erupted here, where many of his persoanl effects and papers were stored. Well, this picture begs that question. For if all that is the case - what are contractors doing setting up camp here, while the apartment burns? -Oops (?)

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