Thursday, October 26, 2006

Fun With Trucks!

This is what truck day, (Saturday), is sometimes like. (not usually this involved.) For the past two weeks, we've been gutting the catalytic converters, to add more juice to our over-burdened engines. The converters strangle air-flow, and they could hardly make Baghdad air better or worse - so they're getting some "modifications." Mack and Phiss are grease-monkeys, so they led the way and perfected the technique.

Here's Mack doing what we usually do, giving the truck a once-over to check for any abnormalities, called Pre-combat maintenance services check . . . (I think thats what its called).

Here's Jimmy Rogers and I, after doing some of the same stuff (with tutelage). This process developed some of its own rituals under Mack, Phiss, and Olsen. No singing till a part was off (not before). No cursing when a wrench fell on your face. And proclaiming how you liked eating Baghdad mud - when the inevitable occurred - a pile of crud gunked onto whatever space you were fiddling with fell right on your teeth as you were grimacing. These were some of the ground rules.

Here's CPT (he's been promoted) Olsen and Phipps underneath showing how its done. Using a stretcher for a head-board.

And here's SPC Eatman cleaning out one of the converters, still attached to the tail-pipe.

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