Thursday, October 19, 2006

Faith Restored

Here's two photos of the plot, taken just this morning. They give you an idea of the layout. The building we're in, I'm told, was one kind of courthouse or another under the previous regime. There are ample spaces for landscaping; set-asides like this one - where everything has died except the date-palms. Its coming back, in fits and starts, largely through the efforts of foreigners like myself and Alex. Over by another building where the Brits work - its amazingly green and manicured - with creeping vines and flowers all around. Takes you back to "Old Blightey", which I think is the point.

There's our big date palm, which litters the ground with dates as fast as any oak does with acorns back home.

PROOF OF LIFE. Germination. There's hope yet. These are the marigolds (the hardiest of lots) coming up first.

Here's hoping they make it . . .

Black-Eyed Susans. My mother's favorite. Probably because she's called "Susannah". (Call her "Susan" and she'll throw you out the house.)

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