Thursday, October 19, 2006


This was also today. We never did work out if it was in fact a car bomb, (or a trash fire at a local FOB), but this is what one looks like from afar), I've seen plenty.

There were three very audible ones today (by my count), and if this is one - its close, (if not - its a surrogate Car-bomb for purposes of illustration). Fire raging, smoke wafting - and for what? If this was a bomb it's at one of the checkpoints here to the IZ that we use regularly. Like most things - you don't find out till the next day, (unless, God forbid, you happen to be there). When one of these goes off, there's a horrible sucking - swishing sound produced - no doubt - by the extreme air-physics at work. PUUWOOOOSHBOOOM!!!! Like throwing a boulder in a lake, only with sharper percussion - and audible for miles around.

October is on course to be the worst month since the invasion, with 69 killed already. TEN Yesterday. Eight last Saturday, Six last Monday. I'm talking of course about American Troops. Baghdadis are being killed at a clip of around 110 per day. A female gynecologist was executed yesterday in Basra - don't bothering asking. Pick the most psychotic motive you can think of - and you're probably right. Remember these photos. They're probably building a mosque in your town as you read this.

I expect it will get worse very soon, and will likely include a big Tet-style offensive on some target - probably here in the IZ. All part of Moqtada Al Sadr's attempt to get you to vote Democrat.

These guys here. this tenth-century death cult already operates defacto press-censorship in Europe. Sways elections in Spain. They couldn't even organize an onion-gathering! - as one of my Poli-Sci Profs. at Sheffiled Uni. used to say - and here they are exercising jurisdiction over large swaths of the earth with their howling beastiality. This is surely as weak as the West's ever been (on the inside). This can't continue . . .

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