Thursday, October 19, 2006

Hooch Life

Here's Cliff, burning the Midnight oil. (the Old Man regularly knocks off at like 9:30) These pictures were taken about an hour ago. This is a typical evening. No "incoming" so far.

This is myspace, where I blog from - surf the internet, watch movies, play freecell, ruminate and answer emails from, (notsomuch, recently, on that last count. (sorry)).

To my left is Europe, which I dream of. Places I've been marked with colored tacks. A Guinness coaster. Beauty. Pure Magic. To keep me focused on what's really important.

To my right is Angela Marcello, Miss October. Who sent me this calendar anyway??!! (thanks).

Claustrophobic? I occupy 1/6 of a trailer (caravan - for the Brits) that's about as big as an on-set movie-celebrity cocaine station. B-list bands have bigger tour-buses. Its about half as big as a grand old single-wide back home. Unpictured is all my clutter, which makes it smaller still.

Ah, my clutter! This is my bed and personal space, all fifteen cubic feet of it. At the back you'll notice the un-needed headboard. (Thanks KBR!) Which I've been moaning about for months now, to no avail. You can see the flimsy, inadequate pillows I have to contend with this medieval iron torture device.

And here is my plea. This is the monster. You want to help a soldier in Iraq? You want me to email more? Send me a pillow stout enough to instill the courage necessary to face this beast for any length of time!

(aaaaah, stout. Oi Love Guinness, Aye.)

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