Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween in the Hooch

Phipps took this photo where he was today. KBR staff and its subsidiaries and their staff go out of their way on Holidays. Halloween's a pleasant surprise. I can't wait for Christmas - (mostly to see what we're allowed to do in a Muslim country - versus what the ACLU allows us to do in the US).
Candy-corn and water, mmm-mmm. Halloween in Baghdad.

Our Iraqi hosts could not be more accomodating. They all dressed up . . . . and did a frightful impersonation of ghouls today! A wedding party, a police station with a five-yr. old girl in it, and another crowded market. All blown to bloody shreds as entrance fee to the self-detonators' Bordello-Valhalla. "72 Vestal Virgins at the Will-Call Window . . . ?"

Carnage. Mayhem. Zombies. Ghouls and Goblins. Howling (barbarity). The Specter of Death. You call it Halloween.

We call it Tuesday.

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