Sunday, July 23, 2006

Promoshawn (Part 2)

A view with Command Sergeant Major Shuffler of our Deployment Battalion (414th) and 1st Sergeant Winchester (of our company - C/422) in the background.

A view from the other side, with Staff Sergeants Peck and Johnson reading the Non-Commisioned Officers Induction Hoollabaloo.

CSM Shuffler (of Morganton! -potential CMCC inductee?) presenting me with order of Promotion.

Phipps and I at attention while the ceremony proceeds around us.

Lieutenant Colonel Woods (414th Commander) stresses the importance of NCOs, and welcomes us in. If memory serves - "If we woke up tomorrow and there were no Officers, the Army would still go on, and function. If all the NCOs disappeared, the Army'd collapse."

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