Sunday, July 23, 2006

Promoshawn (as said by Cajun-man)

This was our promotion ceremony, back in late May, (Phipps and I - to Sergeant). Sorry its taken that long. Pictures are taken with multiple cameras faster than I can collect and post them.

For starters, it was hot, like everyday in Iraq. That goes without saying, but this picture helps capture the feeling.

Phipps and I stood joking around, in formation, (in front of the Presidential Palace - I hasten to add (now US embassy)), to bide the time while we waited on the commencement of ceremony and pageantry, (that we'd not asked for).

And some waitin'.

The Company comes to attention, (or parade rest, in this case).

And we are summoned front and center.
(Look at the eyes! You have to put on shades just to open them. Like sandstorms and camel spiders - you have no idea. You've never experienced this level of bright. The English language doesn't have a word for this).

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