Monday, July 03, 2006

Gettin' ready to wait to get ready

This was the staging area for us to wait several hours before we would drive over to the air-strip where we would wait many more hours, and everyone said their tearful goodbyes to Loved ones. It was here, in this grassy lot, where I learned that my cellular service had been disconnected earlier than I'd anticipated.

SSG Peck waits.

Others wait.

Sgt. Morris speaks to his kids.

Me and Olsen, bide the time with itchy grass butt.

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Mama said...

It's "Olsen and I"-"I" is in the nominative case and "me" is in the objective case and you know "me" never did anything-it receives the action of the verb; it cannot therefore be the subject doing the action! and there you go-Love, Mama (If you're going to be read widely, for goodness sakes, practice the King's English-tee hee)