Sunday, July 02, 2006


Life at Bragg sucked. But it could have been worse. A lot like basic training, up at 5 AM, constantly rushing to get somewhere to wait from 1 to 5 hours to be told (sometimes) that this particular part of the mobilization training schedule cannot be accomplished today.

When something really grinds SGT Marcus Hall's gears, he practises his deadly Army Close-quarters combat skills. Marcus, Olsen and Phipps round out a comedy trio that keeps me sane. Cause I gotta laugh. I Got to laugh. Marcus creates his own phrases and metaphors and is singlehandedly responsible for the Company's new lexicon. "Knuckle-babies" and "wolf butt" to name but a few.

Jimmy Rogers! Waitin' somewhere . . . "Par for course" at "Warrior Brigade." (Ft. Bragg's understaffed, overworked, mobilization training consortium. "Gentleman Jimmy" played gridiron for NC A&T for a time. Payin' off student loans (like so many) by wearing the green.

Waitin around somewhere. . . Any patterns emerging yet?

Captain Boulais, makin' the most of some rare waiting time, by calling his broker and dumping his Dubai Ports World Stock.

SPC Tripp in a holding pattern, somewhere on Ft. Bragg. These barracks were built especially for deployment . . . in WORLD WAR II !! - write your congressman!!!

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