Sunday, July 02, 2006

The Flight Over

The flight over was long and tedious, and if you think coach is crowded, you've never seen military deployment class. We had about 5 inches between seat and seat-back in front of us. It helped a bunch throughout this ordeal that we were dog-tired, and most were able to sleep in just about any discomfort.

Distractions available at our stopover in Germany. I don't recall what air-strip it was, but the base-side of it we were taken to was abandoned, ghostly. Little kiosks with pleasant little German kiosk-ladies (arriving just as we were) staffed the place out for our duration there. The population then soars from precisely zero to a couple hundred for a few hours, and then we all depart.

Most napped some more.

Sometimes you couldn't. If your flight's ever been delayed more than say 4 hours, (after you've passed through security), then you're well-aquainted with this exhausted, cloistered, cramped, insomniac state. Its advertised here all over SSG Lowe's face.

Lieutenant Olsen and I happy to be on the bus back to the plane. Olsen's a tobacco-dipping, hunting, fishing, survivalist, Wisconsin Dane trauma nurse. Good People, in other words. He keeps us in stitches.

Phiss took this of Olsen and I getting back on our plane.

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