Sunday, July 23, 2006


I've just discovered (finally) how to make the links work!

Look to your right and you'll see two new PERMANENT features of my blog.

Major Mike is Michael Pacheco, Libertarian extraordinaire of New Hampshire. My Major - in charge of me and all my team. To do him credit, I need to devote an entire post to just him, later. But definitely click the link often and follow his progress as well. He lives here, he selected me for my post, (for which I'm eternally grateful). We work beside each other and go out on at least 50% of our missions together. In most of his pictures, whether I'm in them or not - I was there! These are the things I see. "Mike Greene" is his pen name - by some very odd coiincidence - owing to a name screwup by a booking agent, (or something), some years ago when his band "Groove Alliance" were finding their feet back home in New England.

Mark Steyn is my favorite columnist. The best writing today, as far as I'm concerned. Click it and read his latest, "The No-State Solution", about recent events in the middle east and what they portend.

All the best to all. With any luck, I'll be in Germany next week, the land where beer was born. You can shove Mecca and the Hajj up your ass. I'm on a pilgrimage to Munich.


rocky-hara said...

good luck in baghdad! congrats on your promotion to Sgt. i think my sister-in-law still outranks you eventhough she's in USAF. take care...

Anonymous said...

Hi Mastin.

I am proud of your attainment of your position, and I read with interest at what happens. Glad to hear you get a reprieve in Germany. How often do you get to go on leave, and for how long?


Matt Hanley

Stetson said...

Hey Mastin. I tried posting here a week or two ago, and it never made it to the site. Oh well. Congratulations on the promotion! I got one the other day too. I will have a beer for you here in the ATL. Look me up when you get back. Be safe.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mastin:

We hope you enjoyed your R and R in
Germany. We are so proud of you and your commitment to our country
and to your personal convictions.

We love you and look forward to
your safe return home,

Love Dad and Wanda