Wednesday, January 24, 2007

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The Pajamahadeen!

The ruthlessly-mocked-by-MSM, "guys in pajamas sitting in front of their computers in Minnesota," the antidote to the MSM and their dependable bias. These are the Blog-world media. The collective mind of the population of America that's paying attention. We are now in the information age - and this is the penultimate manifestation: Guys in their pajamas that have exposed MSM lies and distortions.

  • Broke the Monica Lewinsky story, (if you include Drudge as a fore-father Pajamahadeen), after Newsweek had spiked the story for "lack of material" - a dress with Presidential semen on it.
  • Broke the "Rather-gate" story, after CBS ran with the story, on "material" purporting to date from the early seventies that was forged with a Microsoft font .
  • Exposed plagiarism at the New York Times.
  • Broke open the "Trent Lott Affair".
  • Exposes Media bias and "news manufacturing" on a daily basis;
  • as when NBC's "DATELINE" bussed about a hundred muslims to a Nascar event intent on getting them killed. They were treated with incomparable decency and civility - exposing the TRUTH about America, (moral and decent to its marrow), and the LIE that the MSM embraces: (a nation of bloated, rascist, war-mongering, Capitalist pigs).

The Religion of Peace.

Islam: Making a Difference Every Day.

This is the single, best compendium anywhere in the Information Age of the words and pictures, and reports of how the Religion of Peace makes a difference in our world. All across our world. Updated Daily/weekly. This site is without peer. Go there. It is Incomparable. No ideology for you to ingest, or swallow whole. Just words and pictures , (with a sprinkling of sarcasm), culled from Newspapers around the world into one source, for your to absorb. Visit this site at least once a week. That is a commandment.

A few items from this week, at random:

  • Prominent Armenian Turk Journalist who has been writing about the 20th century's first Genocide (1.2 million Armenians killed by Turkey in Turkey in the inter-war years) gunned down in Turkey to cries of "Allahu Akbar."
  • Two Saudi Septogenarian business partners wed their teenage daughters to one another.
  • Sheik Halili (Australia's "uncovered women are uncovered meat" imam) says on Egyptian TV that Muslims have more of a right to Australia, than Australians - as Aussies were brought there as criminals.
  • New CNN/Amanpour documentary dependably misses the point - but nonetheless airs hidden camera footage from inside a "moderate" Mosque in Britain of an imam and his breathless sheeple delirious over their future plans to introduce sharia in the UK, by eclipsinig the native population demographically.
  • Imam in Dublin banned from Mosque for speaking against terrorism.
  • Pakistan Honor-killing tally already up to 578.
  • Special, segregated swimming times demanded for Muslims at public pools in New Zealand.
  • Three more Thai Buddhists found decapitated, shot with predictable notes attached in Southern Thailand.
  • Libya to build a statue honoring Saddam.
  • Australia reports five stolen rocket launchers were intended to be used in attack on nuclear reactor.
  • Saudi terrorist-financier-money used in constructing Boston Mosque.
  • Judge shouted down by Islamists in Britain.
  • Spanish Muslims look to "timeshare" cathedral
  • 710,000 animals to be sacrificed at Hajj this year.
  • and my personal favorite - The Iranian Burqa fashion show. This is not satire.

They also keep a running tally of Muslim terrorist outrages since 9/11. Go there and find out who and how many died for the crime of being an infidel on your birthday in 2004! 2005! Pick any year you want!

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Kat said...

Hey there! I linked to ya - You are under NO obligation to link back to me tho - if you want to, way cool, but if not, that's ok too - I link blogs I like, cuz I like 'em, not to get a reciprocal link. :)

God bless...hang in there.

Kentucky Brat said...

Hey Greenery, glad to see you up and running today. Hope it will be something steady.

I have linked you.. but do not feel pressured to do the same. Hell I don't update enough for anyone to care anyway! LOL

Just know that Critter and I have all you guys in our thoughts and prayers, and will keep you there.

I owe you! damn, I'll get to it.

Thomas said...

Tried to find an email, but

Doomcake Links to you.

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Interseting stuff! Thanks for sharing it with us.

Dirk_Star said...

Good to see you back!

My wife went through a rough patch but is feeling better now, thanks to my chiropractor...

Is Iraq lost? Can we truly accomplish anything legitimate or is there nothing left to us but kicking ass and teaching someone a lesson?

Why wasn't this done sooner?

Keep your head down...

Its going to be a bumpy ride.

Greenery said...


Glad to hear the wife's better. How's the baby?

Iraq isn't lost, but you've asked the 64,000 dollar question. Where in the Arab muslim world is the template for a democracy? Turkey and Malaysia aren't Arab, and they AREN'T truly democratic. The voters serve at the pleasure of the autocracy. PRES. Bush's thrust here is nothing short of BOLD-est. And idealist, (and perhaps naive) - but I will never succumb to the "realism" of Howard or Baker. That's "retreating while talking", not realism. And it won't be mis-interpreted in the region. Someone should put Baker and his generation out to pasture. Thanks for your service, your time is done, we'll take it fromo here. The Iraq Study Group, while necessairly pointing out gross-mispending and hopefully serving the purpose of narrowing and redirecting our focus and spending, is nonetheless the voice of Neville Chamberlain in our times.

Failing our democracy project, the crazies can be brought to heel. Just ask Saddam. (oops, he's deceased.) In that environment, Civil Society: the study of books other than the Koran, Starbucks, internet blogging, idea-exchange, human rights groups and interests, political parties and ideas, women without veils, and Pubs - can sprout and flourish. The long game and the smart money is that the democratic spirit required to sustain a real democracy - can develop out of that. How much time? I can only answer MUCH more time.

The promise, and Bush's thrust - is that if we succeed in doing it here - we won't have to attempt it anywhere else. And I buy that totally. Envy is on the ground here. It pervades the air. They all jealously want what we have - they just don't want to change. ("other people" should change, not me - that's the Iraqi attitude. Plato, Descartes, Rousseau, Hobbes, Mill, Sarte, Kierkegarrd, Paine, Jefferson, Madison, Thoreau, Lincoln, Ghandi and MLK, Jr. could all help with that.)

Also, killing any and all Iranians we find in Iraq (and Iran for that matter) will pay the most dividends in the short term. Kill Iranians. Stack 'em up as fast as technologically possible. I didn't want to leave that out. I've even considered re-naming my blog - "Kill Iranians Faster, Please."

Years from now - if the pictures are ever declassified - I can show you what devilish traps these coward-jizz-buckets leave for American kids over here (and Iraqis - for that matter) and what's left of their vehicles AND THEM, when its sprung.; Dirk, it'd make your blood boil. You have to trust me on that one. You'd be screaming louder than even I for their heads.

"Nous sommes tous Americains" Le Monde declared through giggles on Sep. 12, 2001. They were wrong. On September 11, we all became Israelis.

Thomas said...

Watched a national geographic special the other night about private security companies in Iraq. I was pointing and yelling at the wife when they showed a diagram of an EFP and how it works. I was trying to get across to her that I read it here first.

The pictures of what it did to the company's SUV was absolutely nasty.

You folks are definitely in our prayers.


Thomas said...

Iraq's Guns for Hire [TV-14 V]
Wednesday, January 24, 2007, at 08P

It also airs on January 27. If you want to see firsthand how the EFP's work and do to people. National Geographic Channel


bardouble29 said...

Hey there, I linked to you, enjoy reading your thoughts.

If you want to return the link its

No obligation. Keep up the great writing.

Dave said...

Hey - just found your blog tonight while killing time and I plan on linking to it. Don't feel obligated to return the favor unless you want to. Just keep writing - and stay safe.

Incredible stuff, and very well written. Looking forward to more.


skinnylittleblonde said...

You make many valid points on blogs and blogging.
Hey, I'd like to check out the website you mentioned in the latter half of this post, but could not find link or address. Maybe I'm blind as a bat or I am up too late, but I seem to have missed it.

Kati said...


Gotta tell ya, Just reading these last two posts has made me very sad. Sad, I guess, because it appears that it IS necessary. But that doesn't mean I like it. Not at all. I'm sorry that it's necessary. I'm sorry that our guys & gals are dying because of it. I wish we could just get the hell out of there. But, you're front line. If you say it's do-able.... You'd be the one to have an inkling.

Just... Was going to say "stay safe". That doesn't work. You'll (and all our other troops over there) be as safe as you can, I'm sure... So instead.... You're in my thoughts & prayers.

Dirk_Star said...

Superb post.

I'm not a fan of the way the war is being managed, but I do believe the region must be dealt with.

rovingardener said...

Iranian burqa fashion show reminds of an ancient tv commercial from Soviet Union fashion show: Summervare, svimvare,vintervare.

Good job on the blog!

Anonymous said...

Hi there - came across your blog by accident and I am hooked. You are an extremely talented writer and I look forward to being a regular reader. You and your comrades are in my thoughts and prayers. Stay safe!