Sunday, January 21, 2007

Experiencing Technical Difficulties . . .

I am unable to blog from "home" at the present time - due, apparently, to new policies being implemented by our service provider under guidance from the State Department. I should know more on Monday, when alot of this gets decided (so my contact tells me). All kinds of sites and content are blocked now which must be some kind of crack-down on porn or opsec, or something. I can't unsubscribe from my annoying investment newsletter, "The Daily Reckoning", and I can't sign in to this site from my chuu (hooch). They say its to block "streaming video" which I imagine is used by some folks over here to have e-fornication with their wives back home (???) Or maybe its just a security precaution (streaming video and words spoken on it can't be edited - but then neither can phone calls?!).

So I am perplexed, and I am blocked. (from all but my workplace computer where I shouldn't be blogging from anyway).

Hopefully this will be resolved soon. If not - I'll have to start staying late at work and downloading my photos and words there.

I've got lots of new picks. "Groove Alliance's" Baghdad Tour was a SMASHING success, I've got lots of "silver linings" to point out in all the recent humdrum. (Gee, you think our media's against this war? Prominent Democrats were calling for more troops six months ago.)

And its planting season again! Well, not quite yet. But the days do appear to be warming. We're getting monsoons of rain and storms, which means mud. (It does rain in the desert). How else would you get mud? Mud is essential to the Middle-east, both as repulsing image and metaphor. "Rain" calls to mind cleansing and rebirth - so it is clearly not essential here.


Kentucky Brat said...

well, I will at least keep checking in to see whats up in your world when you get any time for a update.

always in my thoughts

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

I hope you will still be able to post. I look forward to each one as I always learn something valuable that I would never get from the mainstream media.