Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Vegetable Garden

Encouraged by previous successes, Abbas has asked me to solicit vegetable seeds from you.

Here he stands in the plot he's having the guys clear of weeds. Its got a dedicated pipe and hose, and its already subdivided into several paddies. Anything YOU CAN SEND will be appreciated. These guys can/will eat anything that succeeds, and in this plot (with full sun most of the day), and in this soil - I imagine they'll grow like weeds. And of course "Greenery in Baghdad" will be able to post to you your growing contribution to winning the hearts and minds in Baghdad. There's something like a food shortage here in places, owing to decreased agricultural production, inaccess to markets for farmers and such - and any of the myriad problems you can imagine with 47 security checkpoints and three car-bombs between a given farm and the produce markets in the city.

Here's myself and some of the guys on the same plot.
As always:
Mastin Greene
US Embassy Annex
MNFI PRT Baghdad


Stetson said...

Stay safe buddy. I will have a beer for you tonight at the Santa Pub Crawl!!!

Hugh said...

Are you from Myrtle Beach? I knew a Mastin Greene when I was younger. I'm Hugh Campbell. If i have the right guy, drop me an e-mail at