Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Saddam's Apartment

Folks will recall from previous post, this apartment was burning after the invasion. (Still haven't gotten to the bottom of that).

This is the way the place has looked since we got here. Scaffolding and "under repair."

And here it is one fine morning. Work complete, scaffolding gone.

Those are two Brits going to work, in the foreground. Noticeable for their different camouflage patterns.

Shiny and new . . .

And then here recently, amidst some of the Iraqis turning up for work, a low cloud - barely visible behind the blue dome.

It was a neatly shaped and peculiarly dark cloud. Peculiar too, that it was all alone.

My worries proved true. This was the wafting smoke on a cool morning from a car bomb that struck near the IZ.

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